Firat Yaman
Data Analyst at Ofcom
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Public Economics

I started teaching Public Economics in 2020 after universities in the United Kingdom had gone into lockdown. I had to rethink how to deliver this module and decided to design it from scratch.

I have designed the module around topics rather than methods. The assessments prioritised writing, reasoning, and presentation skills. The online delivery of the module created its own host of interesting challenges.

If you want to know more about my approach to and my experience with this then visit the Media link, and watch the video in the "Leviathan in Lockdown: A Pecha Kucha on Teaching Public Economics in Times of Covid" section.

Labour Economics

Teaching Labour Economics has been one of my happiest experiences as an academic. I have learned as much as I have been able to teach. I have taught Labour Economics to final year undergraduate students and after a good deal of trial and error have followed these general principles:

Applied Econometrics

I am currently experimenting with developing some interactive tools to teach some core concepts in econometrics. Click on the link to this module to find out more.